Getting to Know Brookside

Official designation sign for Brookside neighborhood

Official designation sign for Brookside neighborhood

Brookside, established in 1979, is a unique geographical area bounded on the north by Wilshire, on the south by Olympic, on the west by Highland, and, on the east by Muirfield. The name was chosen because of a natural stream, Rio del Jardin de las Flores, which flows year round from the Hollywood Hills through twenty-three gardens on Longwood Avenue. The stream plays host to crawfish, frogs, minnows, koi, and occasional wild birds. The homes, dating from the 1920’s, reflect the beauty and craftsmanship of that earlier era.

Homeowners promote the single family residential character of the area through active participation in the Brookside Homeowners Association which now holds meetings in the Wilshire Elementary School featuring speakers on local concerns such as traffic, parking, beautification, crime prevention, and disaster preparedness. In the past, meetings were held in the Brookledge Theatre, a seventy-seat theatre dating from 1921, when it was used as a showroom for a magic company.

The neighborly spirit prevails each summer for newcomers and long-time residents at the annual block party which is a potluck of international food, petting zoo, dessert contest, silent auction, games for children, and musical entertainment.


Brookside sits in the heart of the mid-Wilshire area.
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Early view of the area (click to enlarge the photo)
Early Aerial View of Brookside

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