Delores McMillan

Dear Sandy,
It has been a pleasure working with you in the selling of my house. I appreciate all of your efforts and care you gave in getting the job done. It is hard to believe that you put my house on the market and sold it in less than a month. We are in a housing crisis, yet you were able to make the deal. Your expertise as a Realtor is over the top!
I became ill on my way to Shreveport, Louisiana for the Christmas Holidays. It was a very serious illness and I have been unable to return to California. That did not cause a delay in the selling of my house. Through the use of the telephone, e-mails, fax and FedEx, we were able to complete the transaction. I was quite pleased with the final selling price.
Thanks again for caring and doing a wonderful job. If any of my California friends should call and ask about a good Realtor, I will certainly refer them to you.
Delores T. McMillan

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