Step two: Getting a Real Estate Education

It can be overwhelming. Once you have finally decided to buy a home, maybe even gotten pre-approved for a specific price, you now have to decide where to look. Where is the best place to spend your housing dollars?

It is step two, on the road. I call this process, getting an education.

Let’s assume we’ve already handled step one, the intake interview so we have defined many of the parameters… acceptable commute, schools, etc.

What I do for you then is show you how to “tour.” That is how to give a community or a neighborhood, a quick once-over. Armed with information about recent sales, and current asking prices in the area, you can collect information about how you would fit in.

“We could afford that, but not that.”
“We would be at the top, middle or bottom of the area.”
“It would take this long to commute.”
“We could afford a small, medium or large home here.”

During this period, you will spend time on your own, at your leisure checking out areas. You will drive by homes, look at traffic patterns, check out periodic open houses, maybe even attend PTA or community meetings.

This period of education can take as long as you need. I will periodically update the information you have about areas, and you will eventually decide on an area. Then you will get more information on that area, and bye-and-bye you will be ready to actually buy.


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