Hancock Park

hancock_park_signIn the Pleistocene Age, prehistoric animals roamed the Hancock Park area, and, from the middle of the 16th century to the 19th century, the Chumash Indians lived here and followed a foot path west to the La Brea Tar Pits to gather cooking fuel and pitch for their canoes and roofs.

In the 1800’s 4,500 acres of barley grew on Rancho La Brea which had been granted to Antonia Jose Rocha in 1828.  In 1860 the land was deeded to the Hancocks, and Norris Captain G. Allen Hancock turned these farm acres into a ten-year oil field boom period and then into a huge housing development.

Known as one of Los Angeles’ oldest and most exclusive communities, Hancock Park is an attractive area convenient to downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Century City.

Bordered by Wilshire Boulevard on the south, Melrose Avenue on the north, Highland Avenue on the west, and Rossmore Avenue on the east, Hancock Park has many large estate homes displaying a variety of architectural styles and set among tree-lined streets.

The high value for the dollar in Hancock Park property is based on the quality of the homes, their square footage and lot size, as well as the beauty and character of its many Spanish, Greek Classical, English Tudor, Grand Mediterranean, and Colonial style residences, many of which have been respectfully renovated to maintain their historical significance.


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