How to get the best possible price and terms?

First you must know the brutal truth. It does not matter at all if you are delighted or disappointed with the news. If you are to maximize your results, you must know.

Second, you must have a pricing strategy that gets you the most attention from buyers interested in your price range.

Then you must have a marketing plan that:
• Creates excitement and urgency regarding your home
• Brings your home to the attention of every possible buyer in your home’s price range.

You are in charge of the second issue.
You hire a real estate agent to handle the first and the last.

Many people think that they hire a real estate agent and the real estate agent “sells” the home. Many real estate agents would like you to believe that.

…It’s a fairy tale. Your house will sell itself…When prospective buyers come to see it, they will either choose it or reject it. They may get useful information from the Realtor, but the home either works for them or it doesn’t.

What then is the Realtor’s job?

First, she is an Information Manager. She collects information and keeps it in front of you. She keeps your focus on what the MARKET is trying to tell you.

Second, she is your Marketing Manager. Her job is to get as many prospective buyers as possible to see your house. If they don’t see it, they can’t love it.

For instance, she will do many things to get your home looked at both by other Realtors and prospective buyers…that’s the Marketing Manager.

Then she will help you interpret and understand what the MARKET is saying…that is the Information Manager.

What does it mean when:

…that’s the Information Manager.

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